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Thank you for visiting my Scentsy website and deciding to learn more about the Consultant you are choosing to purchase Scentsy Products, Host a Party or become a Team Member with.

I have been with Scentsy since 2010. I was first introduce to Scentsy while I was working as a peak time teller at a bank. The customer service rep there told me and few of the other tellers how great Scentsy scents were after we had used another brand of room spray to freshen the air. He did more than that, he went to his car and brought in a Scentsy Travel Tin with the scent "Sunkissed Citrus". After smelling "Sunkissed Citrus" I just couldn't get it out of my head! He told me his sister sold it and I asked for a catalog or more information, but after a week I never received the information from him, so I googled Scentsy! I was contacted by a Scentsy Director who offered to take me to one of her parties that Saturday. I went and saw how much fun the guests were having and I was able to smell all of the amazing scents that were offered and that was all I needed as a reason to join this fantastic company.

Scentsy has the same standards for quality, customer service and sharing as I do. That's why I continue to share Scentsy Products and the success of Scentsy.

If you have ever thought about taking control of your finances or just earning some extra cash for a car payment or vacation, etc. contact me so I can answer any questions you may have!

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